Most parenting approaches focus on the child’s behaviors, not the whole child.

  • In the first of three master class webinars, Dr. Mona provides an overview of the Brain-Body Parenting approach: a shift from managing behaviors to nurturing relationships

  • Learn how to customize your parenting to your child's nervous system

  • What does it mean to make a deposit in your child's body budget? How does the body budget tie into a child's difficulties with self-regulation?

  • How parenting involves understanding a child's (and our own) reactions from the body-up and the brain-down

  • Access to an exclusive webinar from Dr. Mona and an easy-to-follow and downloadable presentation

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Master Class One: The Paradigm Shift in Parenting

    2. Master Class One

    3. Guide to Master Class One

    4. Main Points of Master Class One

About this course

  • $59.00
  • 4 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Meet Dr. Mona

Mona Delahooke, PhD

Dr. Mona Delahooke is a child psychologist who aims to reduce suffering and increase joy and resilience for children and families. Her paradigm-shifting model offers a new way of understanding emotional and behavioral challenges, incorporating the latest neuroscience and resilience research to support relationships. Dr. Delahooke is challenging the education system to update its practices from focusing on behavior to promoting relational safety.