Why Does Labeling Feelings Often Backfire?

As caregivers, we are often told that it's a good idea to label feelings. If you have ever tried to label a feeling for your child, but it made them more upset, you're not alone.

What can we do instead to support our children when they struggle with intense emotions? And how can we support emotional literacy in our children when labeling feelings seems to agitate them?

As Dr. Mona says, "When we label an emotion too soon, it's like watering the soil without first planting seeds."

This webinar will help you explore how to sprout those seeds of emotional literacy in a way that's in tune with your child's social and emotional development. Dr. Mona will lay out a new path toward being curious about your child's emotions.

What to Expect

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  • An easy-to-follow and downloadable presentation on Labeling Feelings

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Labeling Feelings!

    2. Labeling Feelings

    3. Guide to Labeling Feelings

    4. Main Points of Labeling Feelings

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Mona Delahooke, PhD

Dr. Mona Delahooke is a child psychologist who aims to reduce suffering and increase joy and resilience for children and families. Her paradigm-shifting model offers a new way of understanding emotional and behavioral challenges, incorporating the latest neuroscience and resilience research to support relationships. Dr. Delahooke is challenging the education system to update its practices from focusing on behavior to promoting relational safety.